This is A Fanfiction Series Written by User:Arcian

This story revolves around Arcian's life. Arcian is a small Khokolo dragon that lives in the five mountains. But soon Humans find the mountains. Theres only one hope for the Khokolo Tribe. Arcian.

Series 1Edit

Arcian's StoryEdit


Arcian is born, she is the best flyer out of all the Khokolo Tribe. But when her brother Tokolee gets kid-napped by humans Arcian knows something bad will now happen. The Humans come for attack on the Mountains. It had been thousands of years before the humans came. Everyone sees and Omen from the Dragon Spirits that Arcian is the dragon that will save the tribe. She can't believe she is chosen and she works her best. Could this little dragon save the tribe? Or will they all be deceased by humans?

Gem Of LifeEdit

Sneak Peaks

Arcian is growing fast heading for the prison the Humans are keeping Tokolee. She has arranged the army of dragons to fight while she was gone. But soon she finds out Tokolee has been beaten and is dying. Arcian must leave far away to find the Gem Of Life; a gem that can give life back to a dying body. But to make the Journey she has to leave her tribe fighting while she is gone battling the Humans and go through a human army. Arcian wants to save her brother but she may risk the life of others to do it, and also her life.

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