Chapter 1Edit

It was a bright and sunny morning, a baby Khokolo dragon had cracked out of its egg the other day. It was all white with silver wings, which was odd because most Khokolo dragon with siler wings had gold spikes on the back of its neck and back. The small Khokolo dragon opened its eyes. She saw a huge one in front of her she looked at herself she winced she was a foot tall and the big on was at least 15 feet, but she had all white scales and wings and dark grey eyes.

"Huh?" She said quietly.

The tall one came and looked into her eyes.

"Oh, Draculen its pail grey. Oh! No gold spikes! So different!" The tall one said in a soft sweet kind of voice.

Then she saw another big 15 foot tall dragon come over. He had white scales and gold spikes on its neck and back with silver wings. She stood on her feet and saw small stubby sharp claws on the ends of her small toes.

"Oh," She exclaimed then saw her small silver wings.

She looked different from the others she had no gold spikes and silver wings.

"A rare one, I haven't seen that kind for 700 years!" The white one said.

"W-who are you?" She stammered.

"Im Venerel, little one." The white one said.

"And Im Dranculen." The other said.

"Are you my parents?" She asked.

"Yes," Venerel said. "You are one of the rarest dragon species, a Khokolo." A Khokolo. She thought.

"But, who am I?"

"Oh, you are Arcian." Said Dranculen smiling.

Arcian! That sounds like Ark-e-an! Arcian smiled.

"What type of Dragon are we? Do we breathe fire?" Arcian asked.

"No!" Roared Dranculen. "We are frost dragons! We breathe snow and ice! Fire is horrible!"

"Oh" Arcian said queitly.

She looked at her small feet.

"Do you want to see your brother Tokolee?" Venerel asked. Arcian swished her scaley tail happliy.

"Yes!" She roared smiling.

Venerel lead her to a small scaled dragon with white wings and gold spikes going down his back neck and also his tail.

"She opened her eyes!" He said.

"Yep now soon you may explore the mountain, then soon all five." Drakulen said. Arcian looked out and saw four other mountains Then she saw she was on the first mountain on a huge ledge. She looked up and saw another ledge then she stetched her neck to see many more up above that one each holding a pregnant dragon and her mate, a elderly alone dragon or two of them or a family of dragons. Arcian looked at the many dragons then smiled.

"Can she fly?" Tokolee's voice scattered Arcian's thoughts.

She looked at him with a stern face. "I don't know Tokolee," "

Arcian try to flap your wings and fly." Venerel smiled softly at her and shook her foot swiftly to encourage her.

Arcian looked at her small wings and saw Tokolee jump into the air then he didn't move his wings until about four heartbeats and started flapping them. Each flap as long as seven heatbeats and he spun around Arcian flying.

"Come on! The sky is so roomy! We fly! Its what we dragons do!" Tokolee said.

Arcian looked up at him. She was amazed. But then felt she should try to beat him. She ran off the ledge and started to flap her wings. Her parents stood there eyes open wide. She then started to fly.

"I feel to alive!" She cried out.

Chapter 2Edit

"Arcian flies better than Kanasa! The Khokolo tribe leader!" Tokolee stood there amazed.

"Indeed your right!" Drakulen said watching as Arcian fly back to the ledge.

Venarel stood there smiling. "You have found out a wonderful trait about you." She smiled to Arcian. "Your a flyer."

A year had passed and Tokolee was mentored by Balken, as a fighter. Arcian was mentored by the tribe leader Kanasa as a guard. Arcian had to call the fighters whenever a griffin apeared so the fighter dragons could beat them off. Tokolee has killed at least one griffin before. Arcian has been calling the attacks many times. I have a better destiny then a Guard dragon. I wanna be a fighter! Or a Prey Hunter! She thought. Bu then another griffin alarm went off and she saw one griffin heading at them.

"Griffin!" She roared.

But then she raced into the air and started to fly toward it herself. She breathed ice and snow and froze the griffin. She then bit its neck until it went limp. Tokolee stood there amazed.

"You killed it. In your first try!" He smiled. "Your a hero!"

Arcian could feel the praise in her. Kanasa flew toward her.

"You have more pontential." She siad and lead her to her cave on the top of the mountain.

Arcian walked inside her claws gripping the stone. She saw moss growing on the walls and a faint breezing. Kanasa stood by her side.

"I haven't seen your kind since myself. I've been searching." She said looking into Arcian's eyes.

"What am I?" Arcian asked.

There was a huge pause.

"Well they say that the one who can master the three techniques, Prey hunting, Fighting, and Guarding means they are perfect for the leader position." Kanasa looked off into the distance.

"Wait so if Im good at prey hunting I will take on the leadership of the tribe when you pass to to Dragon SPirits?" Arcian asked looking respectfully into Kanasa's eyes.

"Yes...." Arcian's head dipped.

Kanasa lead her to the prey hunting area. It was a valley deep below the mountains. She saw many dragons catching the 9 foot hawks and the Rhinasauruses for food.

"The trick is you can't freeze it. It counts all on your teeth and claws." Kanasa startled Arcian.

"Ok." Arcian said and walked into the valley. She saw a nice 9 foot hawk. She looked down at herself. She was only 5 feet tall now. How will I catch that? She huffed. Arcian carefully stakled it laying her wings straight down. She then leaped 3 dragon tail leantghs away. She felt the wings flapping hard and the constant squawking. Arcian bit the Hawk's throat and clawed half of its feathers off. The hawk fell limp and died away quickly. Arcian bowed her head to the hawk.

"Dragon SPirits give life to this creature in the Spirit world." She prayed.

Arcian took alot of pressure into dragging the prey up the mountain into the prey pile herself.

"How did I do?" Arcian asked Kanasa.

"I would've expected you to go for the Rhinos but you went for the big one." She stood there looking at the huge prey.

Kanasa looked at Arcian. "You are going to be Tribe Leader someday." She commeted.

Arcian felt her heart burst. "Really!" She cried in happiness.

Arcian leaped into the air and flew about. Kanasa just stood there smiling.

Chapter 3Edit

It was another year later and Arcian was seven feet tall now. All the Tribe treated Arcian like the Tribe Leader. Arcian now wanted to explore the mountains. She ran to Drakulen.

"Can I go to the second mountain now that I am old enough?" She asked.

"You were ready a long time ago my little scales. Now go explore! Your brother will do it tomorrow. He is fighting right now since he is a full fledged Khokolo Tribe Fighter now." Drakulen smiled.

Arcian had mastered Fightning already. She leaped into the air and flew to the second mountain she saw so many new faces. Then one that was all white with silver wings and silver feet.

"Hi!" The dragon said.

"Um hi." Arcian greeted back.

Many dragons smiled at her knowing she was going to be Tribe leader some day. The second mountain was not much different from the first. The ledges were the same and the dragons looked the same. Arcian got tired and flew back to her mountain. Her wings ached and she layed down in her feather nest. Tokolee laid by her sleeping, he was snoring rapidly. Arcian then quickly fell asleep. In the morning she heard noises then yowls and roars.

"What?" She siad rubbing her eyes.

Tokolee wasn't in his nest. Venerel ran to her. "Humans have found us once more! They've kid-napped Tokolee!"

Arcian raced toward the top of the mountain. She saw human throwing spears at Kanasa. Once she saw the net fly into the air Arcian ran and froze it making it fall to the ground. She breathed icicles that went like bullets through tthe two humans making them fall over the entrance down to the ground.

"Are you ok!" Arcian ran to the Tribe leader using her teeth to slowly get one spear out of her side.

She saw blood pour out.

"Ill be ok..." Kanasa heaved. "Just save the tribe.." Kanasa laid down and her eyes closed.

"Please jsut rest." Arcian pleaded.

Kanasa grunted.

"Save the Tribe Arcian, the Khokolo Tribe will be extinct soon..."

Arcian looked at Kanasa with sad eyes. She dipped her head flew off. She saw many of the dragons fighting the Humans. It was a tie, nobody was winning. She saw her father laying on the ground. A spear right in his chest.

"Father!" Arcian cried. She flew to him.

"Arcian, save the Tribe..." Drakulen hazed.

Arcian looked at the spaer and pulled it out.

"Father don't leave me!" She begged.

Drakulen closed his eyes. "Goodbye my dragon. Im am going to the Spirit world now....." His voice trailed off.

Arcian felt tears swell in her. Her father had died. Tokolee was sure to die and Venerel... Mother! Arcian thought and flew to her ledge. She saw her mother huddling with many other young dragons and they're mothers.

"Arcian!" She yelled to her.

Arcian ran to her.

"Mother... Father died.."

"Drakulen died!" Venerel cried her voice then softened. "He was a great dragon...." Tears fell from Venerel's face.

"You must fly. Fly to the sky. It will be the only way to speak to the Dragon Spirits. Keep flying toward the huge star in the sky, the Frost Star." Venerel ordered. Arcian nodded and stretched her wings an flew higher, and higher toward the huge blue star in the sky. Frost Star, Here I come! Arcian urged. She kept flying as it got colder and her wings ached she could almost reach the star until she was trapped into nothing but brightness.

"Arcian. You've come." She heard a voice.

She saw a spirit. It was her father.

"Arcian." He spoke. Arcian dipped her head. "You are the one to save the Tribe. You must save them..." He dissapeared.

Arcian then was laying on the Prey Hunting valley. She got up and saw many dragons fightning with humans, bows flying spears stabbing dragons freezing and scratching. Once the Humans saw it was late they went back to their hide out.

"I need to save our Tribe." She said the the others.

Chapter 4Edit

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